Arkady Pugachevsky


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born: 19th of October, 1937

postal address: Post Box 18, Kiev 02147, Ukraine
cell: +380662435745

skype: arkadypugachevsky

Arkady Pugachevsky was born in 1937 in Kiev, The Ukraine. He graduated from graphic department of the Polygraphic Institute of The Ukraine.
Speciality of the artist is in the field of engraving.

Arkady Pugachevsky took part in more than 50 international exhibitions and got 17 international awards. He is a member, XYLON Ukraine, Deutschen Exlibris-Gesellschaft (DE). Society of Wood Engravers (UK)

One-man and group exhibitions:

1990 in Architect's House (Lvov,The Ukraine);
1991, 1992, 1995 in Taras Shevchenko Museum (Kiev, The Ukraine);
1993 in Mala Galeria Exlibrisu (Grudziadz, Poland);
1994 in Kunstmuseum (Frederikshavn, Denmark);
1995 in AS Gallery (Wroclaw, Poland);
1997 in Schrift- und Heimatmuseum Barthaus (Pettenbach, Austria), Holland Art Fair (Den-Haag, The Netherlands), «IO» gallery (Rotterdam, The Netherlands), «Oeral» Gallery (Assen, The Netherlands);
1998 in «Pavlovsky Gallery» (Utrecht, The Netherlands).
1999 in «Epreuve d'Artiste» gallery, «Griffin» art group exhibition (Antwerpen, Belgium);
2001 exhibition in Chicago and Los-Angeles(USA);
2006 in DAS school (Los-Angeles, USA).