Engraving and print by Pugachevsky

Unique world of color wood engraving by Arkady and Gennady, hand metal engraving by Alex, magic world of animation by Tatiana and other kind of creations are discovered on the pages of the site Pugachevsky.name

Engraving(fr. gravure to dig) is the kind of printmaking technique where the printing plate is hand created by an engraver with special tool - burin. Every print after engraved plate of engraving is authors' artwork. In color engraving a color transmittion is realized by overlapping and consecutive order printing whith engraved plates on the same piece of graphic sheet. The best prints made by wood engraving are characterized by monumental and perfect artistic form.

Through the ages masters of wood engraving from every corner of the globe make inestimable contribution into progress of technique of wood engraving. And prints by Pugachevsky are the successors of traditions of wood engraving by Thomas Bewick, Japanese color engraving uki-e and philosophic wood engraving by V. Favorsky.

Color wood engraving that is represented on the site will bring great pleasure to all lovers of fine art print and engraving.

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